Passion, care and authenticity for three generations

Passion, care and authenticity for three generations

Rocca Giovanni’s winery consists of 22 hectares of vineyards located in the municipality of Monforte d'Alba, a small village which is part of the eleven communes of Barolo of ancient origin which now owes its fame 'as well as the beauty of the great wines.

For three generations, the Rocca family cultivates with care, passion and authenticity the vineyards of his property making wine harvest. The vineyards Pianromualdo, Sant'Anna, Trenta, Mosconi, Giudice e Ravera di Monforte are the main assets of the winery as part of suited zones and subzones of the most important maps of Langa.

Over the years the winery amplifies transforming into a small cellar and starts a small bottles production. Giovanni decides achieving remarkable results with his wife Caterina to enhance the wine-making and using the help of oenologist Piero Ballario the range of wines Rocca comes to life. Helped by daughter in law Ilaria and the strong son Maurizio winery now produces about 80,000 bottles a year of the following wines: Langhe Chardonnay Doc, Dolcetto d'Alba Vigna Sant’Anna Doc, Barbera d'Alba Doc in the two versions, regular and Vigna Pianromualdo, Nebbiolo d'Alba Doc Giaculin, Langhe Rosso Doc Rucat, Barolo Docg, Barolo Docg Ravera di Monforte (with the previously mention Bricco Ravera) e Barolo Docg Mosconi. Last born in the winery is the Succuva, a natural and gentle juice produced by the simple pressing of grapes with no added sugar, water and sulphites. From the beginning the company puts into practice a simple philosophy based on respect for tradition in the land and the winery using eco-friendly products for the treatments in the vineyard and a natural winemaking that reflects more than the lifestyle of the Rocca family.

Thanks to the vineyard position (south-east), the successful exposure of the vineyards and the favorable microclimate of the Langhe each harvest allows the winery found that a good result in the following years with the release of the various wines while remaining a family that produces wines of Langa handmade with passion and pleasure.


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