Nebbiolo Barolo

Nebbiolo Barolo


Even if the current confines of the MGA include the vineyards of Conterni, the historic heart of Mosconi is concentrated at the foot of the hamlet ofthe same name. A miniscule amphitheater which has gained importance over the years and whose high level of quality is demonstrated both by the names and by the number of grower-producers, quite significant in relation to the acreage involved, who cultivate these rows. A renown which is  well deserved, given that the Barolo of Mosconi is characterized both by its quality and by its personality, which reconciles power and balance with a texture and tannins which are both dense and ample.

Wedged between Mosconi and Le Coste di Monforte, Conterni is, instead, characterized by a small peak on which the hamlet of the same name is perched and beneath which the vineyards spread out on well exposed slopes whose shape is somewhat reminiscent of Mosconi. The better exposed parcels near Cascina Palazzo, additionally, are worthy of attention, as are those situated just below.

Exposure: from east to south in the better exposed plots, from west to north in the remaining parts.

Ravera di Monforte

The long ridge of Le Coste di Monforte terminates with the Ravera MGA, one which, in stylistic terms, proposes a gamut of expressions of Nebbiolo ranging from the mineral flavors of the summit to the lower-lying plots. Unlike Le Coste di Monforte, however, here in Ravera the steepness tends to become more accentuated and, near the hilltop, presents a profound indentation which contributes to the creation of two distinct parts: Ravera in the strict senseof the term, which borders on Le Coste di Monforte and faces south, and the Pilone amphiteater, whose exposures range from east to southwest. 

Exposure: from east to southwest in the better exposed plots, from northeast to northwest in the remaining parts.

Monforte d'Alba
Overall: 187.60 acres.
Surface under vines: 38%
Altitude: approx 310 - 530 m
Grape varieties: nebbiolo (49%), barbera (20%), dolcetto (25%), Langhe rosso (6%)



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